Dylan Hollis

web developer

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Front End Web Developer with over 20 years commercial experience.

Hello, I'm Dylan, I specialize in handcoding responsive websites with superior user interfaces. I have over twenty years commerical experience working on a range of professional websites and ecommerce portals.

The work I provide is of the highest quality, fully responsive, and tested in a wide range of devices. I take great care to ensure each project is well-documented and easily maintainable.

In a world of marketing technology the importance of front-end development cannot be over-estimated. A polished website makes for a distinguished user-interface and product which lends toward an enhanced bottom line. A well designed and developed "front-end" saves time and money while making for a product that is of consistent high quality. It is both my responsibility and joy to develop websites with the following skills and technologies:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • javascript (vanilla, JQuery etc)
  • PHP
  • mySQL
  • JSP
  • XML
  • JSON
  • .NET
  • ASP
  • Sass
  • Photoshop
  • bootstrap
  • Reactjs
  • regEx
  • git
  • Wordpress
  • SEO
  • site optimization
  • ADA accesibility


While I specialize in Front End Development, I have experience and knowledge of the multiple layers of design, development and testing process as well as working closely with designers and developers at all levels; which allows me to approach each project with the full scope of engineering and integration in mind from the outset.


I can quickly and efficiently join any team using continuous-integration with methods and tools such as SCRUM/AGILE, git, and test-driven environments. Writing semantic markup that is easy to read means the product can be easily maintained and scaled-up.


I have worked on dozens of commercial eCommerce sites over the last three decades. A well designed and developed front end results in a product of the highest quality, which in turn enhances online sales, while saving time and money on overhead.


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